Entrepreneurship programme for youth in marginalized communities

Entrepreneurship programme for youth in marginalized communities

The Centro Cultural La Provincia works with the Norwegian Golden Colombia Foundation on alternative development in comunities affected by illicit crops or drug trafficking. As we have presented in statements in the United Nations, we have projects both in urban settings to provide marginalized young people with alternatives to activities such as micro trafficking, gangs and prostitution, and we have projects in rural settings to facilitate alternatives to ilicit crops.

Oystein Schjetne from Golden Colombia and Centro Cultural La Provincia presenting in the United Nations our entrepreneurship programme for young people in marginalized communities.

In both contexts, our approach is to offer young people spare time activities that will provide them with skills and knowledge that is relevant in the economic development of the comunity in question. This way we intend to, on the one hand, provide the communities over time with a qualified young workforce with relevant skills –  that also has the potential of becoming local entrepreneurs.

And maybe most importantly, our aim is to ignite the young generation’s desire to learn, teach them how to teach themselves in the absence of a high quality educational system. We intend to bring the information revolution to these marginalised communities by forming young “influencers” that demonstrate that learning and self development is possible also outside of the conventional school system.

The participants in these activities, are offered part time work in the activities of the Centro Cultural La Provincia and the Golden Colombia Foundation. In this way, they will be able to practice their newly acquired skills, they will get the self esteem from carrying out a job that requires skills, they will get a recommendation letter for future studies or employment, and not least: they will demonstrate to their peers that learning actuallly pays of – even in the short run.


Cartagena Zona Norte

Centro Cultural La Provincia will in 2019 build an activity center in Punta Canoa in the northern part of Cartagena that will provide spare time activities for young people in the marginalized villages with afrocolombian population in the region, so they will be better qualified to get well paid jobs in the city’s flourishing tourist industry – and preferrably assist their communities in setting up its own businesses in the tourist economy.

The activity center will be offering classes and activities in four areas: gastronomy, technology, music and English.

The activity center will at all times have an exposition on (shifting) cultural themes in the internal patio that will be one of the attractions at the cultural center. The expositions will be developed and maintained by the programme’s young participants.

As this center will be the programme’s “headquarter”, it will also include dormitories and rooms to receive participants from other parts of the country as well as instructors and international volunteers.



Palmor (Cienaga, Magdalena)

Centro Cultural La Provincia will also in 2019 build a smaller activity center in the community of coffee farmers, Palmor, in the Sierra Nevada. The young people from that community will be offered the same activities as in Cartagena in  order to be able to assist in the development of tourism in their community. They will also be spending weekends and vacations at the activity center in Cartagena.

Centro Cultural La Provincia and Golden Colombia prepare the young generation in remote communities in the Sierra Nevada for developing a coffee tourism.

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