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The Leandro Díaz Cultural Center invites to a quintessential Colombian experience: the parranda vallenata. 


Vallenato, somtimes referred to as “Caribbean country music”, is Colombia’s beloved accordion-based folk music, and a parranda is a vallenato concert for a small group of people, preferrably outdoors.


The parranda has its rituals with with traditional parrandero food and beverages, greetings and shout-outs during the songs, dances, improvisation and “battling”, and stories and anecdotes from the fascinating lives of the great composers of the past that created this national treasure.



The concert starts on the beach as the sun sets over the Caribbean. Earlier in the day you can attend a lecture (in English) on vallenato music. Here you will also be able to practice the different vallenato rythms with the genre’s rythm instruments, the guacharaca and the caja.


In between these activities you may relax on our private beach, by the pool, in the beach bar or under one of the several palm huts. Lunch and supper – a traditional parranda meal – is included, as well as transport back and forth from the old town to the cultural center (30 minutes).


  • Saturday December 8, 10 – 10 PM
  • Transport back and forth from the old town included
  • Lecture in English on vallenato music and parranda traditions
  • Practicing vallenato rythms with rythm instruments
  • Parranda vallenata (vallenato concert) on the beach in the early evening
  • Lunch a la carte included 
  • Traditional meal during the parranda included
  • Free disposal of our private beach, swimming pool and palm huts
  • Other facilities: Beach volleyball, beach micro football, table tennis and dart
  • Price : $180.000

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Parranda December 8

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Posted by Golden Colombia on 26. juni 2016



Vallenato is a euforic accordion-based folk music from northern Colombia. The genre is the result of the encounter between three musical traditions: the one of the aborigines of South America, the African and the European.


Vallenato is an epic genre, all songs tell true stories from the lives of the composers. Colombia’s great writer Gabriel García Márquez was deeply inspired by the stories of the legendary vallenato songs, and has famously said that his classic Hundred years of solitude that earned him the Nobel price, “is nothing but a vallenato of 350 pages”.


The classic vallenato music (not to be confused with the modern pop music that also uses the accordeon) was in 2015 included on UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage list.

The host


The vallenato lecture and translations during the parranda will be given by the co-founder of the Leandro Díaz Cultural Center, Øystein Schjetne (to the right), a Norwegian sociologist with 20 years of experience from Colombia.

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